Green Country Shining Stars

Green Country Shining Stars is the brainchild of Michelle Adams. Several years ago while attending a cheerleading competition, a special needs cheer squad came out to perform. As the crowd went wild she sat in tears and there the dream was birthed. Michelle knew she had to form a team like this in the Tulsa area! Even girls with special needs dream of being a cheerleader!

At the time, there were two special athlete cheer teams in the Oklahoma City area but none in Green Country. The team formed and began practicing in November 2008. The team now practices in Tulsa at Central Church of the Nazarene. This organization was the first to offer special needs cheerleading in this part of Oklahoma!

Green Country Shining Stars program is a cheerleading squad for special needs athletes ages 5 and up. The squad performs at various public gatherings, sporting events, and cheer competitions. The program builds self-confidence, physical strength, and friendships! The team practices one hour per week. There are 2 adult coaches and several junior coaches that are on the floor to assist your child. Our goal is to make each cheerleader as independent as they can be when they perform!